Last week members of the Plymouth Common Council approved a resolution adopting the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan for Pedestrians.   

The city has been working on updating the plan with the assistance of Michiana Area Council Of Governments (MACOG).  The city conducted a public hearing on the plan in December and only received one comment.  They also had the plan available for review in the City Office and the Plymouth Public Library.

The city council will work with the Complete Streets Committee on additional modifications.  Meeting with the members there were some questions on the priority of intersections.  The committee will continue to review the updated plan and work with the Council on additional modifications over the next few years. 

Councilman Jeff Houin said, “The discussion at the Complete Streets Committee meeting was that as far as the ADA plan goes, the plan itself is sound but to Mr. Thada’s point and his comments there’s a fairly small number of high priority intersections left to be addressed within that plan. We’ve made very good progress over the years and so as the Street Superintendent puts together the sidewalk plan for the next year it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to continue to put 100% of our sidewalk budget toward ADA compliance.  Some portion of the budget could be allocated for other priorities, other intersections throughout the city.”

The City Council unanimously approved the plan last Monday.