It’s never too early to begin stashing away money for your children’s education, and CollegeChoice 529 savings plans are a great place to start. Also known as a qualified tuition plan, CollegeChoice 529 provides families with flexibility and choice when it comes to saving money for post-secondary education.

Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) said in a recent release, “Savings can be used at any eligible school or qualified apprenticeship program, both in-and-out-of-state. Accounts grow tax-deferred and distributions are tax-free as long as the money is withdrawn to pay for qualified education expenses like tuition, books, computers, equipment and fees.”

Jorand continued, “This session, I am supporting legislation making these educational savings plans even more beneficial. House Bill 1045 would increase the state income tax credit from $1,000 to $1,500 for all 529 savings plans.”

To join the more than 400,000 other Hoosiers already taking advantage of this opportunity, visit Accounts can be opened with as little as $10 a month, and friends and family can easily contribute.

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