Experience, intuition, investigative knowledge led to a heroic save of two small children that were left unattended in a vehicle on Monday afternoon.

Community Corrections Field Officer Jeff Sharp discovered the children, ages two and four, fastened in their car seats in the back of an unlocked vehicle with the engine off in frigid 20 degree temperatures. The young boy was distressed as he was trying to escape and entangled in the straps of his car seat.

Both children were visibly upset and cold and had been in the vehicle in excess of a half hour.

The children were safely removed from the vehicle and transported to the Community Corrections Office where they were taken care of by staff until they were turned over to the custody of the Indiana Department of Child Services.

It has been determined that the children had been in the vehicle for over a half hour the discovery of the children stemmed after the incarceration of their father Dustin Kanschat by Community Corrections.

Kanschat was on Pre-Trial Release and reported to Community Corrections for an appointment. It was there that he was detained and incarcerated after failing a drug screen.

The incident was reported to the Plymouth Police Department. An investigation has been launched by Police alongside the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Provided by Ward Byers, Director of Community Corrections