Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Indiana has been under a statewide public health emergency, allowing many state government decisions to be made by the governor via executive orders. 

In order to end this emergency declaration, the governor and lawmakers have identified key issues that need to be addressed through legislation.

Senator Stacey Donato, who represents the southern part of Marshall County said, “Senate Bill 3 would ensure Indiana continues to receive certain benefits for those who still need them; that recently retired, graduated or out-of-state health care professionals can still temporarily practice; and that the state can still hold voluntary community vaccination clinics as needed.”

The senator continued, “At present, those items are made possible through executive orders issued by the governor. Introducing this bill through the normal route – the General Assembly’s legislative process – ensures public testimony and conversations about the best practices going forward are had in an open and deliberate manner.”

Senator Donato closed her comments saying, “Indiana has continued to adapt and respond to the hardships the pandemic has brought, and we believe the normal legislative process is well-equipped to address any other issues that may remain.” 

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