During the Marshall County Commissioners meeting Tuesday, Commissioner Mike Burroughs wanted to remind citizens of the opportunity to watch county meetings online. 

Commissioner Burroughs thanked the IT Department for their assistance in streaming meetings. He said, “We no have the availability for the public to not only livestream during the meetings, but our meetings are also available through the Marshall County Indiana Gov App.”  He said citizens can watch the meetings for up to 30 days following the meeting.

Burrough said all county meetings held in the second floor meeting room of the County Building will be livestreamed and recorded.

Commissioner Burroughs said, “While the livestream doesn’t give the public an opportunity to comment, all three commissioners have their cell phones at the meeting so a comment or question could be texted to one of the commissioners.”  There phone numbers are listed on the county’s website. 

You can go to the Marshall County Government website at   https://www.co.marshall.in.us, scroll down to the Watch Meetings Live link and click on it.  A live button will show when the meeting is live or if you click on the camera to the right of a meeting that is the recorded meeting.  You can also put the Marshall County Indiana app on your smart phone and watch meetings on your phone.