The Culver Redevelopment Commission met Monday evening January 17th in the Culver Town Hall.  The first order of business was the reorganization of the board.  President Sally Ricciardi, Vice President Bill Cleavenger and Secretary Gary Peric. 

Culver Town Manager Ginny Monroe updated members on a number of projects.  Lake Max Trail, phase II is a Stellar Communities project split into four phases with phases 1,2 and 4 complete.  Due to the weather, construction is done for now but   work will begin on phase III, Plymouth Street, in the spring.

Lake Max Trail phase III is an INDOT grant project.  A preliminary meeting with INDOT and Troyer Group was conducted to discuss the design, environmental work, and next steps.  A representative from the Academies also attended because most of the trail is on their property. 

The Culver Town Manager said another trail project, the Slate and Jefferson Trail is in the early stages of design and engineering.  Since this project is following the same schedule as Lake Max Trail phase III it was suggested to bundle the two projects into one bid packet to get a better price. 

Monroe said the Broadband Task Force will meet with the consultant to begin the Request for Qualifications although they are still waiting for either the Culver Town Council or Culver Redevelopment Commission to approve his contract.  Terms of the contract allow the Task Force to hire on an hourly basis not to exceed 50 hours a month and they don’t anticipate any longer than 6 months.  The Culver Town Manager said they are able to control cost easier with the hourly contract.