The Marshall County Drainage Board continued their public hearing on a proposed assessment increase for the Ben Overmyer Ditch.  Last month County Surveyor Craig Cultice said the watershed had increased from 32 parcels and 337 acres to 38 parcels and 408 acres. 

The Overmyer Ditch is currently in debt $7,409.11 with future expenditures to include the spraying of the recent maintenance project areas.

Denny Morrison questioned why properties along the whole length of the ditch pay an assessment noting that it stops at the Culver Academy property at the former railroad. 

It was determined more investigation into the ditch was needed so the Drainage Board tabled the public hearing. 

On Tuesday Surveyor Cultice presented the original petition from 1882 which showed the ditch maintenance ending at the Academy property. 

Cultice recommended a new culvert under the old railroad bed to help with the water flow. 

During the public hearing there were no additional comments.  The County Drainage Board approved an increase in the drainage assessment to $5 per acre with a minimum of $10 which will go into effect this spring.  It was estimated that $2,114 will be collected annually and the projected estimated average yearly maintenance cost will be $2,000. 

The County Drainage Board unanimously approved the assessment increase.