During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting bids were opened for improvements to two bridges in the county.

Three companies offered quotes for the two bridge projects, Bridge # 5 on Tamarack Road and Bridge # 9 on North Queen Road.  Bids were submitted on each bridge project individually and jointly.

Milestone Contractors from South Bend submitted a bid of $363,640.26 for the Tamarack project and $285,650.21 for the Queen Road Bridge with a total bid of $649,290.47.

The second bid came from LaPorte Construction Inc. from LaPorte.  The bid for Tamarack was $335,718.46 and $284,208 for the Queen Road Bridge and a total package cost of $619,926.46.

The final bid was from Ellas Construction from Gary.  Their bids were $566,156.98 for the Tamarack Bridge and $472,743.76 for the North Queen Road Bridge. Their total bid for both projects was $1,038,900.74.

These two bridge projects are being funded through the county’s Cum Bridge Fund, local dollars instead of a federal grant. 

When asked if the bids were inline with the cost estimate County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said two of them were in the ballpark. 

The commissioners took the bids under advisement to allow Peters to review them and present his recommendation at their next commissioners meeting on February 7th.