Members of the Marshall County Drainage Board reorganized during their meeting Tuesday morning, January 18th.  Commissioner Kevin Overmyer was retained as President, Mike Burroughs was voted to be Vice President and Barb Neidlinger was retained as Secretary along with Jim Clevenger as County Attorney. 

Bids were opened for a maintenance project on the William Alderfer Ditch in Bourbon Township.  The project begins on the east side of Grape Road and continues south past 9B Road.  The contractor is to clean and debrush 7,650 feet of the ditch to the original ditch bottom.  In the wooded area they are to re-establish a work path and cut overhanging branches and dead trees in close proximity to the bank.

Three companies offered bids for the project; BMF Transport from Wakarusa at $8,399; Beaver Excavating for $7,850 and the low bid of LDP Excavating for $7,250.  The County Drainage Board approved the low bid of LDP. 

The project completion date is April 16th