The Marshall County Drainage Board and County Commissioners will be on Tuesday, January 18th due to the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday on Monday.  The Drainage Board meeting begins at 8:30 and the Commissioners are scheduled to meet at 9:30, both in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

The Drainage Board will reorganize with the election of officers and appointments. 

On their agenda is opening of maintenance bids for the Alderfer Ditch, the continuation of the public hearing for the Been Overmyer Ditch and a report on the Leonard Wilson Ditch.

Under Miscellaneous Business County Surveyor Craig Cultice will discuss the Yantiss Ditch Petition, review the 2022 Ditch Maintenance Assessments and appointments to the joint boards.

The Commissioners meeting is scheduled for 9:30 and includes the County Highway Report by Jason Peters, a request to apply for grants by Greg Hildebrand President of the County Park Board and Bid opening for construction projects on bridge #5 Tamarack and Bridge #9 North Queen Road. 

The Commissioners will hear the request to renew a contract with Fidlar by Recorder Janet Howard and Sheriff Hassel will seek approval to apply for a grant.  Also on the agenda is the County Attorney Report, Auditor’s Report, Commissioner Items and Public Comment.  The commissioners always welcome comments and questions during their meeting.