Sheriff Matt Hassel appeared before the Marshall County Council Monday to request permission to apply for a grant from Indiana Department of Homeland Security. 

The sheriff said the grant is for 10 body-worn cameras.  He said his road officers don’t wear them, they use dash cameras, but the jail staff and correctional officers do use the body cameras.  Hassel said they need to be replaced.  He said the grant can only be used to purchase cameras.

Sheriff Hassel said he anticipates seeking a $4,000 grant with a $4,000 local match.  While the cameras haven’t been selected yet, he said they typically cost $800 per camera. 

Councilman Heath Thornton asked where the local match funds will come from, and the sheriff said from the Jail Supplies line item since they are specifically used for the jail.  If he needs more money, he will use the Commissary Fund and noted he is requesting $25,000 in the equipment fund for this year’s budget. 

A motion to allow the Sheriff to apply for the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Grant for body cameras was made by Jesse Bohannon and seconded by Jon VanVactor.  The council unanimously approved the request.