The Bourbon Town Council conducted their first meeting of 2022 Tuesday evening in the Town Hall.  There was an issue with the Facebook live feed, so the meeting was not available to the public Tuesday night. 

The board reorganized and retained the same officers, Ward Byers President and Les McFarland as Vice President. Alex Hoover was reappointed as the Bourbon Town Attorney.    

The Bourbon Town Council passed ordinance 2021-8 on third reading. This is a new Animal Control Ordinance; a copy is available at  They also repealed the current animal control ordinance.

The contract for Chuck DeWitt to continue as the 2022 Zoning Officer was tabled by a vote of 2 to 1 with Ward Byers voting no.  Council member Les McFarland said some citizens are upset that things are getting completed.  He gave an example of an issue with an alley.  He suggested having a meeting with parties and try and come to a conclusion, so it doesn’t carry on and fester.

Bourbon Clerk/Treasurer Kim Berger told the council the repairs and rehabilitation of Well #2 has been completed. An update on the Stellar funded Lift Station project is approximately 5 weeks behind schedule but currently under budget by $41,463.70. VP McFarland will be meeting with Contractors later this week.

In other business Bourbon department heads gave their monthly and yearly stats to council members. Newly elected Bourbon Fire Chief, Chad Stepp informed council that new portable radios have been ordered. The council voted in December to allocate $40,000.00 for the purchase of 13 portable radios. The Fire Chief also informed council that a joint training with Bourbon and Tippecanoe Township Fire Departments and Bourbon Police will occur on January 22. The Department will be trained on the newly acquired LUCAS CPR devices.