The Marshall County Council held their first meeting of 2022 and reorganized the board. 

The motion was made by Jesse Bohannon to retain the current officers, Tim Harman as President and Mandy Campbell as Vice President.  The motion was seconded by Heath Thornton and the vote was 3 yes votes with Bohannon, Harmon and Thornton Voting and 4 no votes from Jim Masterson, Mandy Campbell, Jon VanVactor and Steve Harper.

A motion was made by Jim Masterson to elect Mandy Campbell as President and seconded by Jon VanVactor.  The vote was 7 yes and 0 no.  The motion was made by Jon VanVactor to nominate Jim Masterson for Vice President and seconded by Steve Harper.  The vote was 6 yes votes with Jesse Bohannon abstaining. 

After reviewing the liaison assignments all council members were willing to keep their same departments.  The board did add Jon VanVactor to the new Technology Committee.   Campbell stressed the importance of attending meetings for your departments and meeting with your department heads occasionally.

The County Council also made several appointments.  Pamela Amick to a 4-year term on the Culver Union Twp Library Board.  Councilman Jon VanVactor to the Marshall County Plan Commission for 1 year.  Maria Keller to 1 year on the Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Councilwoman Mandy Campbell to the MACOG board, Kevin Overmyer to  Argos Economic Development, Don Fox to the Culver Economic Development Board, Mandy Campbell to the 4-H Fair Board and Central Dispatch, Tim Harman to the EMA Advisory Board, and Central Dispatch, Jesse Bohannon to the Solid Waste District Board and LEPC, Jim Masterson to the Unsafe Building Committee, Heath Thornton to Courthouse Security, Steve Harper to the Solar Task Force, Brian Main to the Marshall County Park Board, Jon VanVactor to the Technology Committee and Heath Thornton, Jon VanVactor and Jim Masterson to the Personnel Committee.