Plymouth Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson was granted permission by the Board of Public Works and Safety to solicit quotes for a three-quarter-ton pick-up truck for the Wastewater Department and the Water Department.

Davidson said they will be replacing the current pick-up trucks and have budgeted the new trucks in their 2022 budgets. 

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt made his recommendation to the Board of Public Works and Safety on bids for street materials in 2022.  While the city received bids from three companies; Reith Riley from South Bend, I & M in Plymouth, and Stockberger Trucking in Plymouth, Marquardt recommended accepting the bids from I & M and Stockberger.  He said, “While Reith Riley was a little bit cheaper, when you consider the 2 hour drive up and back, fuel and manhours their bid was not as competitive.” 

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved bids from I & M and Stockberger.

Marquardt said he also spoke with Ceres Solutions on the fuel bids.  Right after the city opened their bid on December 27th the prices took a jump.  On Monday the price was back down, close to their bid.  Their recommendation was to keep watching for several more days and then try and lock-in at the lowest price. 

Marquardt also asked for approval to start the process of purchasing a large new dump-truck with snowplow.  He said he prefers to go with Sourcewell Bidding for the vehicle.  He said he’s not confident they will even see the truck this year, but it is in his budget, and he would like to begin the process.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the request to begin the purchasing process.