The Marshall County Council will conduct their first meeting of 2022 Monday morning, January 10th beginning at 9 a.m. in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building. 

Agenda for the meeting includes the reorganization of the board and a review of liaison assignments along with appointments the County Council makes. 

County Health Director Doctor Byron Holm will attend the meeting to discuss the Crisis Co Ag Supplemental Workforce in School Grant.  This is the grant the County Commissioners unanimously approved in December but the County Council wasn’t able to get a second for the motion to accept so it died.  The grant would provide $110,000 for a couple of contractual employees for the Health Department to work with the schools in the county on contact tracing and COVID testing and vaccinations. Holm will explain the need for the additional staff to work through the pandemic.

Greg Hildebrand, President of the Marshall County Park Board will make a request to apply for a grant and may update the Council on projects and activities.

Also on the agenda is the County Auditor’s Report and under Council Items is a resolution for the Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) Restricted Fund, an ordinance amendment for the 2021 Salary ordinance along with public input.

The County Council meetings are open to the public for comments and questions.