Plymouth City Clerk-Treasurer Jeanine Xaver requested permission from the Common Council Monday evening to make several transfers.

The first transfer pertains to phase II of the Menominee Heights housing development.  The clerk asked to transfer $14,577.50 from the General Fund to the Sewer Operating Fund and $8,500 from the General Fund to the Water Operating Fund to pay for half of the tap fees for the 17 homes to be built in the residential subdivision. 

Xaver reminded council members of their vote on September 13th to pay for half of the tap fees while Construction Management Design (CMD) will pay for the other half.  She said if additional homes are built, an additional transfer to the utilities departments will need to be made prior to the issuance of a building permit. 

The City Council approved her transfer request.  The Clerk Treasurer was also granted permission to make year-end transfers and forward encumbrances for 2022. 

Xaver also presented a resolution to transfer monies from the General Fund to the Rainy-Day Fund.  She said the current balance including investments is $4,773,733.11.  The transfer approved was for $700,000.