The Plymouth Common Council was asked to ratify two executive orders during their meeting Monday evening. 

The first order presented by City Attorney Sean Surrisi pertains to Centennial Crossing garbage collection.  A request was made by CMD, Construction Management Design, the developer and Centennial Crossing LLC for garbage collection for the single-family homes in the development.  Surrisi said the street network that will eventually be dedicated to the city wasn’t completed before the asphalt plants closed for the season.  The base coat is in place but the topcoat has yet to be installed, meeting the city’s standards for dedication.

A waiver of liability was presented to the city to hold harmless their contracted garbage vender for any damage to the unfinished streets.  

The Council ratified the executive order. 

The second executive order pertained to a late filing for the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals meeting on January 4th for the new Manufacturing Center located at the corner of Jim Neu and Pioneer Drive.  Surrisi said, “There is a proposed purchase of the facility that is awaitin approval of a special use variance from the BZA.  The paperwork for the BZA meeting was not filed by the December 15th deadline and the mayor issued an executive order to accept the late filing to keep the potential for the sale to stay on track.”

The Plymouth Common Council ratified the mayor’s executive order for the manufacturing center with councilman Houin abstaining from the vote.