Earlier this month the Plymouth Plan Commission considered a request of the Virginia Peterson Trust at 6989 State Road 17 to create a minor, 3-lot subdivision.

The property is located at the northeast corner of State Road 17 and Pioneer Drive. The request is to separate the home off into a separate lot of 6.37 acres and divide the remaining property into two lots. The north lot is primarily wooded and is 27.2 acres and the southern lot would be 20.26 acres. 

Plymouth Plan Director Ralph Booker said the north lot would connect onto Pioneer Drive and the second lot would have access to State Road 17. 

During the public hearing, Bill Bottorff who lives on Pine Road questioned if there would be any access for the property onto Pine Road.  He was concerned about additional traffic on Pine Road.

The northern lot will be in some kind of nature conservatorship through the DNR with no additional homes being built or additional splits to the property.

Lindy Leary who also lives on Pine Road had concerns of a residential subdivision being created.  She is not happy with the prospect of more homes. 

Ralph Booker said at this time only two other homes could be built, one on the north lot and one on the south lot but at this time there are no homes plans.  The property owners are just splitting the property into a residential subdivision.

The subdividing of the property was approved by the Plymouth Plan Commission.