The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety considered the request of Fire Chief Steve Holm to hire a new full-time firefighter/EMT for the department at their meeting Monday.  

During the meeting the Chief Holm said, firefighter Rod Miller was going to move into the Fire Inspector’s position beginning in 2022. That move will leave a full-time opening in his department. 

Without any discussion the Board of Works approved his request. 

Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver also presented a resolution to declare certain EMS bills to be delinquent and uncollectable.  The bills are from 2013.  Xaver said the overall collection rate is 78%.  Eligible bills have been turned over to the city’s collection agent.

There are almost $11,000 in uncollectable bills from interlocal agreements from other ambulances services Plymouth has assisted.  The agreement calls for the two services to split the fee amount collected.  That means the other service was not able to collect a fee from the service provided.  That means the city will have to write off 22%. 

The resolution to write off the bills was unanimously approved.