Jana’s Gymnastics competed at the Irish Classic in LaPorte on December 19th. 

Here are the results:

Level 1 – First Place with a team score of 112.4

Level 2 – First Place with a team score of 113.15

Level 3 – 2nd Place with a team score of 112.55

Level 4 – 4th Place with a team score of 107.25

This was the first meet of the season and every single member of Jana’s team qualified to State.

Level 1 – First Place Winners Pictured Are: Lexi Rodriguez, Maylee McKeand, Rayann Wallace, Tatum Rotering, Bria Dennie, Natalie Crone, Ella Murphy, Presley Horvath, Jacey Richards, and Sydney Maggert.

Level 2 – First Place WinnersPictured Are: Brooklyn Gardner, Kennedy Flosenzier, Adalynn Saloma, Greta Magee, Kodie-Kay Sexton, Bailyn Kucera, Katelyn Conliff, Delanie Rauch, Avery Binfet, Lilly Krumrie, Sofia Binkowski.

Level 3 – 2nd Place Winners Pictured Are: Front Row – Kylee Waldrop and Hannah VanVurenBack Row – Ella Muffley, Iyani Terrones, Birkley Cooper, Lydia Kershner, Izzy Rettinger, Amyra Benchaar, Aislynn Riffel, Eva Macey, Alanna Meersman

Level  4 – 4th Place WinnersArianya Kelman, Jenna Blake, Gabi Polando and Lila Hanyzewski

Level 6/7 – Pictured AreJersey Hunter, Camryn Haskins and Dasyre Suggs