Tuesday evening the Culver Town Council considered the 2022 Salary Ordinance on second and third reading.  The council approved first reading on December 14th although revisions were recommended for the elected council members, council president and elected clerk-treasurer’s positions. 

During Tuesday’s meeting council President Bill Githens explained the changes.  The four Culver Town Council members were initially scheduled to receive $192.30 biweekly which wouldn’t be an increase and the proposed increase was $215.38.  The Council President was originally going to receive $211.54, no increase.  The proposed increase was $261.54 biweekly.  The Clerk-Treasurer’s salary was initially scheduled the same as 2021 at $1,898.40 biweekly.   The proposed increase would make it $1,961.54 however, Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim now has three certifications which would increase her pay to $2,081.54 biweekly salary.

Council members were supportive of the proposed increases and the motion was made to approve the amended 2022 salary ordinance with the increases on second reading.  The Culver Town Council suspended the rules and passed the motion on third reading too.