During last week’s County Commissioners meeting the Auditor requested consideration to add some portals to the SBS Portals agreement for information and records.  They currently provide digital retention of the auditor’s paperwork to meet the state’s retention schedules.  This also allows for permanent records.  

Auditor Fox requested to move the county to a web-based portal for processing claims, payroll, deduction application forms, public access, board agenda items, minutes and reserving meeting room space. The initial set-up cost is $2,000 with a $1,000 training cost and the recurring monthly charge will be $975. Most of the costs will be paid for from the Cum Cap Development Fund.     

Commissioners Kevin Overmyer asked if the State Board of Accounts has approved this system and Fox confirmed their approval.  Commissioners Mike Burroughs asked if the County’s IT Department had reviewed the service and Fox confirmed his support.    

Mike Burroughs moved, second by Stan Klotz, to approve the request to transition to SBS Portals. Motion carried 3-0. The program should start January 1, 2022. 

Auditor Fox also presented a request to add additional features to the County Beacon site, to include Sales Search, Tax Estimator and My Property Tax Dollars Tool. Commissioners will review this item and speak with other department heads for consideration at their December 31st meeting at 8:30 a.m.