Ann Anglin the Marshall County H.R. Administrator presented the County Commissioners with an amendment to the Personnel Policy during their meeting Monday morning.

The amendment pertained to bereavement leave.  The County’s current policy allows and employee to take the day before the funeral, the day of the funeral and the day after off for bereavement. 

There have been a few instances when employees only took the day of the funeral off and then wanted to use the other two days at Christmas. 

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer also said the COVID pandemic has cause some families to not even hold a funeral, but the employees still deserve bereavement time. 

Anglin said the recommendation was to change the policy and not make it so ridged.  The recommendation was for 3-working days within 30 days of their loved one’s passing.

Commissioner Stan Klotz asked if bereavement leave could be used to cover someone who’s loved one was in hospice care and the family was called in to say their final goodbyes.

The commissioners approved the change to the policy to allow employees 3-work days within 30 days of the death.  County Attorney Jim Clevenger will amend the ordinance and present it for signatures at one of the January commissioner meetings.