Last week the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety approved the 2022 Animal Control Contract with the Marshall County Humane Society.  There were no changes to the contract and the city will pay the Humane Society $30,000 annually for the services they provide. 

The Board also approved the request for a dumpster to be place on the street for a renovation project at the Brass Rail.  The request had been tabled from the previous meeting for additional information. 

Mayor Senter and City Attorney Sean Surrisi met with Dave Langdon and discussed his preference for the dumpster to be locate on Michigan Street. 

Board of Works members were concerned with the location for visibility and the number of parking spaces that would be affected.  Members approved the dumpster on West Washing Street instead of Michigan Street.

The Plymouth Board of Public Works was also informed that Police Officer Jeremy Enyart submitted his letter of resignation to Chief Bacon.  The Chief was granted approval to begin the hiring process.