The Give Back to Christmas program began in December 2013 and has continually helped others in our community.  In the past, SEED Club has adopted families, helped students from PHS, as well as donated to the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.

This year the club members held jeans days for teachers to help raise funds, food, and toiletries for the Marshall County Neighborhood Center. 

On Wednesday, December 15, some members of SEED Club took the donations to the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.  PHS SEED Club members said, “We are very thankful to all of the PHS staff for donating $400 and multiple food items and toiletries.” 

Picture (L-R) Autumn Baird, Adrian Baca, Guadalupe Jimenez, James Kruyer, Alex Jaimes, Maddie Record, and Alescha DeWitt (Client Services Marshall County Neighborhood Center).  Not pictured:  Bryce Raines, Gracie Kruyer, Emily Raines, Magaly Rodriguez, Oscar Huizar, Yarely Dorantes, and Cooper Eveland.