The Marshall County Drainage Board and County Commissioners will meet Monday morning in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

The Drainage Board meeting is scheduled to begin at 8:30 and their agenda includes opening maintenance bids for the Brock Ditch and Zechiel-Chapman Ditch.  There will also be a public hearing on the maintenance assessment proposed for the Ben Overmyer Ditch.

The drainage board will also consider a variance request from Rueben Borkholder for B & B Roofing on the Sarah Hershberger Ditch and County Surveyor Craig Cultice will discuss the Yellow River Project at the County Line, Pittman Join Ditch vacation along with signing maintenance contracts and consider the 2022 meeting schedule.

The County Commissioners will meet at 9:30 and hear from Jason Peters from the County Highway Department, County Plan Director Ty Adley with a public hearing for Jeffrey and Patty Schmaltz along with HR Director Ann Anglin who will present an amendment to the personnel policy.

Public Health Nurse, Sandy Dunfee from the Health Department will discuss the Crisis Co Ag Supplemental Workforce in School grant the commissioners approved earlier in December and the County Council failed to approve.  County Coroner John Grolich will have an update for the commissioners and the County Attorney and County Auditor will report to the commissioner.

Under Commissioner Items, they will consider the Sheriff’s salary for 2022, make an appointment to the Argos Public Library Board and to the County Plan Commission Board. 

The Commissioners meeting is open to the public for comments and questions.