Thursday afternoon, Center and West Townships unveiled the new tanker/pumper purchased for the Plymouth Fire Department.

In November 2019, with the help of the Plymouth Fire Department, specifications were drafted for an additional smaller tanker to service the areas of Center and West Townships.  After review and approval of the specifications by the respective township boards in March 2020, a purchase order was written to MacQueen Emergency.  In late October 2021, the new tanker was delivered to the Plymouth Fire Department and will soon be in service to Center and West Townships in Marshall County. The new fire truck cost the two townships approximately $400,000.  

Tanker #6 is a 2,000-gallon tanker with a Pierce design built on a International single-axle chassis.  In addition to being a tanker, this new truck also has the capability to serve as an additional pumper to fight a fire if needed.

When the addition of a second tanker/pumper, it allows considerable versatility to the Fire Department. 

*The Fire Department now has the capability to deliver up to 6,000-gallons of water to a fire on the initial call if needed.  Typically, this would be enough water to extinguish a fire without the need to make additional water runs

*If the larger Tanker #4 is providing water on a mutual aid call within Marshall County, the Plymouth Fire Department now has the ability to immediately provide water to a fire in Center or West Township.  Or, the smaller Tanker #6 could be used for mutual aid leaving the larger Tanker #4 available to service its primary area.

*If Engine #7 and Tanker #4 are already responding to a call when another call comes in for a fire, Tanker #6 can be immediately dispatched to answer that call and begin putting water on a second fire.

This additional piece of equipment is a positive asset for the firefighters that will use it and to the citizens of Center and West Townships. 

Pictured from left to right: Paul Mathewson Firefighter/Paramedic, Chief Holm, West Township Trustee Terry Borggren, Board member Dan Bates, Center Township Trustee Amy Knapp, Board members Jim Baldwin and Bruce Knapp, Firefighter/EMT Shannon Gilmer, Firefighter/EMT-B Zach Marquardt.  Not pictured was West Township board members Tom Flynn and Cindy Slonaker and Center Township board member Keith Hammonds.