The County Park Board is beginning to look at the addition of a few more canoe and kayak launches primarily around some of the bridges in the county.

Terry Borggren has volunteered to get this project going and told members of the board he has been doing some research on bridges and looking at locations that could offer easier access to the river with some limited parking.  Borggren said he will be contacting County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters to see if they could coordinate on a project.

Borggren said the county owns some property at the Grape Road bridge that might work as a launch and also on 11th Road and 12th Road.  He said there is also a location on the Marshall/Starke County line that has possibilities.  Borggren said Starke County will be doing improvements to the bridge and he will try and contact someone there about a possible canoe/kayak launch. 

A bridge project on Upas Road may offer another location.  While the county doesn’t own any property around the bridge, he was going to investigate the chance of a project to be incorporated with the bridge project.  It would probably require purchasing some property for parking.

Board Secretary Deb VanDeMark said Rick Huff wasn’t able to attend the meeting last Thursday but he said Mark Lauderman has interest in being a committee member and Borggren said there is a man in Bremen who is also interested in helping the committee.   Borggren said he would like to meet as a committee after the holidays early next year.