Members of the Marshall County Park and Recreation Board meet last Thursday in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.  Jeff Houin and Brandon Calhoun gave an update on the Mill Pond Bicycle Trail.    Houin said they recently conducted a couple of work days and started flagging out a new trail on the east side of the power-line clearing. 

While the weather wasn’t the greatest, they worked both Saturday and Sunday, December 4th and 5th with only a couple of volunteers.  He estimated the new trail will add a mile-and-a-half to two miles but there are a few more sections to get finalized and cleared to be ready in early spring. 

Additional signage was also discussed for the trail and member Deb VanDeMark said Jason Peters from the County Highway Department plans to put a sign at 12th Road and Millpond Trail and at Rose and 13th Roads directing bikers to the trail.  Houin suggested placing a sign at Rose Road and 12th Road and then another one at the public access site, so people don’t get confused.  The trails are further south from the public access.

Board member Adam Thada asked if there was anything the public should know about winter riding at the Mill Pond Trails and Houin said, “Ideally right now we are in a freeze thaw season, and you should only ride the trails when they are frozen.  We don’t want riders to ride when it’s wet and muddy.” 

Calhoun said they have intentionally left the leaves on the ground to protect the trail surface.