Last week County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the Commissioners the 2021 Road Program is completed. 

Peters said shoulders have been added to the roads that were improved this season and road markings were done too. 

The County Highway Superintendent said the final numbers are in on the Community Crossing Road projects that were hired out.  Those projects come in $706.08 under the contract price.   The additional paving projects the county paid for that were adjacent to the Community Crossing Projects also came in under budget.  Peters said the savings was $125,000. 

Superintendent Peters presented the commissioners with a rough draft of the 2022 Road Program.  He noted that there are a few sections that are subject to change after he sees what the spring brings to Marshall County. 

The county will be addressing needed improvements to county bridges and Peters said bridges number 5 and 9 are being finalized and the county has signed the documents.  Realignment forms for bridge number 232 – Randolph Street, bridge number 120 – Upas Road, bridge number 11 – Union Road and bridge number 87 – 11th Road have been sent to the consultant for review and determination if letting dates need to be changed.  Peters said having utilities on the bridges is causing issues because the utility companies don’t address the need to relocate the utility with urgency.  They are causing some delays in getting bridge projects to bid.

Bridge number 231 on Center Street in Bremen is an 80/20 federally funded bridge project.  The grant application was submitted the end of November and total cost of the project is $3.1 million including the local match. 

The Highway Superintendent told the Commissioners he only received two Requests for Proposals for the 2022-23 Bridge Inspections.  The state requires three RFP so he will have to send out requests again.