The Town of Culver is already gearing up for 2022 by promoting the awareness of several openings on various local commissions.

Culver Clerk Treasurer Karen Heim said, “This is a great way to serve the community as well as be involved in decisions that can craft the future of Culver.”

The openings in Culver are one Plan Commission seat appointed by the town council president to a four-year term. In order to keep the commission politically balanced per state statue, the appointees should be a republican or independent. 

There are five Redevelopment Commission seats, two of which are appointed by the council president and the remaining three appointed by the town council to one-year terms.  In order to serve in these positions, you much be a resident of the Town of Culver, and lived in Culver for at least a year.

Descriptions of the board and commission responsibilities are attached along with a listing of those currently serving.

If you are interested in service, please complete the attached application (either fill it out online and e-mail it to or print it out and fill it in and return it to Town Hall, 200 East Washington.) The deadline to submit applications is 4 p.m., Friday, December 31. The council would like to make appointments at the January 11 meeting.

Plan Commission

Citizen members shall be appointed because of the member’s knowledge and experience in community affirs, the member’s awareness of the social, economic, agricultural, and industrial problems of the area, and the member’s interest in the development of an integration of the area. Further, citizen members may not hold other elective or appointive office in municipal, state, or county government and must be a resident.

The Culver Plan Commission consists of nine members. The Town Council President appoints four members, the Town Council appoints three employee members, and the County Commissioners appoint two jurisdictional members. The board must be politically balanced.

The Plan Commission assists in the administration of the Planning and Zoning Law of the Town and is the body that administers the Unsafe Building Ordinance. The Plan Commission performs its planning and zoning law responsibilities by making recommendations to the legislative body concerning:

1. The adoption of the comprehensive plan and amendments to the comprehensive plan;

2. The adoption or text amendment of: a. An initial zoning ordinance; b. A replacement zoning ordinance; and c. A subdivision control ordinance

3. The adoption or amendment of a PUD district ordinance as defined in IC 36-7-4-1503; and

4. Zone map changes

If applying for the Plan Commission, you must complete the Party Affiliation Certification.

Redevelopment Commission

Member must be 18 years old or older and reside in the Town of Culver. The Redevelopment Commission is comprised of five persons, three of whom are appointed by the Town Council and two by the Town Council President.

The Redevelopment Commission promotes economic development but also the renovation of older development. Under Indiana law, the Redevelopment Commission has the duty to:

1. Investigate, study, and survey areas needing redevelopment within the corporate boundaries of the town;

2. Investigate, study, determine, and, to the extent possible, combat the cause of areas needing redevelopment;

3. Promote the use of land in the manner that best serves the interests of the town and its residents; and

4. Select and acquire the areas needing redevelopment to be redeveloped under this chapter.

Culver Plan Commission members include Joel Samuelson, Andy Strati, Barry McManaway, Chester Gut, Wayne Bean, Don Fox, and Dan Osborn.  Culver Redevelopment Commission members are William Cleavenger, Gary Peric, Marty Oosterbaan, Sally Ricciardi, John Rogers and Karen Schuman.