Monday evening the Plymouth Park Board opened bids for the playground replacement project at the Hoosier Old Wheels pavilion. 

Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi had 5 bids to open.  The first bid was from Michiana Contracting Inc. from Plymouth.  Their lump sum bid was for $552,100.  Alternate #1 is to reduce the width of the trail to 8 feet.  Their deduction was $10,600.  Alternate #2 is the poured in place surface underneath the play area.  Michiana’s addition was $16,600.

The Robert Henry Corporation from South Bend provided a base bid of $484,049.  For alternate #1 the Park Board could reduce the bid by $11,014 and for alternate #2 they would add $16,533. 

Thomas Excavating and Welding from Culver presented a base bid of $662,125.  Their reduction for alternate #1 was $15,334 and the addition for alternate # 2 was $19,539.

LaPorte Construction from LaPorte offered a base bid for the playground project of $797,400.  The reduction to make the walk 8 feet would be a reduction of $5,000 and the addition for alternate #2 the poured in place surface would add $15,000 to the bid.

The final bid came from R Yoder Construction Inc. from Nappanee.  Their base bid for the project was $590,500 while the deduction for alternate #1 was $13,500 and the addition for alternate #2 was $19,308. 

The bids were taken under advisement for Superintendent Hite, City Attorney Sean Surrisi and Mike Reese from the Troyer Group to review.  They will seek the least expensive and most responsible bid within the budget.  Superintendent Hite asked to be able to award the bid prior to the January 2022 meeting of the Park Board to keep the project moving forward. 

The park board received a $250,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) Land and Water Conservation Fund.  This grant requires a 50/50 match so the park will put in another $250,000 making the total amount available for the project $500,000. 

The Plymouth Park Board will open bids for Phase II of River Park Square at their January 10th Park board meeting.