The Plymouth Community School Board will meet Wednesday evening, December 8th at 7 p.m. in the Administration Board Room. 

The school board will consider an agreement with Telemon Energy Solutions for ground mounted solar projects at Washington Discovery Academy and Riverside Intermediate School.  Total estimated cost for both projects is almost $1.5 million.  The electricity produced from this project would account for approximately 27.9% of the total school district usage. 

Also on the table is consideration of additional courses at Plymouth High School.  The proposal is for courses in Manufacturing, Business and Technology, and Radio and Broadcasting.

The Plymouth School Board will also consider the 2022-23 corporation calendar and revisions to the classified conditions of employment and classified staff wage increases.

While the school board meeting is open to the public, it is a meeting of the school board to conduct the corporation’s business in a public meeting.  There will be time for public participation on agenda items only.  Those attending the meeting must wear a mask.  You may also attend online at