The Indiana Association of County Commissioner (IACC) is pleased to announce that Marshall County Auditor Julie Fox was selected IACC’s “2021 Outstanding Supportive Auditor of the Year.”   The award is in recognition of her outstanding strengths that she demonstrates to assist her County Commissioners to better serve local government and the public.

Fox was unanimously nominated by her Board of County Commissioners for the “2021 Outstanding Supportive County Auditor of the Year.” Her nomination stated that “She has shown strength in her leadership, incorporating a top-quality team of deputies with a team goal of moving the County forward to meet the county needs and serve the taxpayer.” 

Fox’s Outstanding Contributions:

  • She managed the Development and implementation of the Continuity of Operations within the Auditor’s Office, allowing access to the county data systems offsite to meet their legislative responsibilities for the taxpayer during a pandemic or emergency.
  • The pandemic brought on another layer of duties for her office, including coordinating, and tracking COVID-19 related projects and grant funding.
  • She worked with other local government units within her County on the Stellar Communities Projects along with tracking numerous simultaneous grant projects and funding.
  • She incorporated technology into her County by digitizing property record cards, online filing of deductions and exemptions, electronic submission of claims, online employee portals for benefits, and access to paystubs and training. 
  • She Updated the county’s financial system in line with Department of Local Government Finance and State Board of Accounts coding to be able to upload annual financial reporting and budgets.
  • She researched county funds, provided guidance on the proper uses and recommended use of those funds in order to grow the General Fund balance.  While providing guidance of transfers to the Rainy-Day Fund and operating within a balanced budget.
  • Since 2015, she assisted in updating the Employee Personnel Handbook, Internal Control Policy and Title VI Policy. Aiding the Safety Committee with Return-to-Work Policy, resulting in a modification rate reduction, which lowered workers compensation claims and insurance costs.

Fox served the Indiana Auditors Association as Secretary, Treasurer, and President. She also served on the Association of Indiana Counties Legislative Committee.

The achievement award was presented during the IACC’s 2021 Annual Conference, the largest gathering of County Commissioners in the state. The three-day conference included several different workshops, and breakout sessions that were designed specifically for county commissioners and their support staff. Fox and others attended several training workshops concerning county related topics focusing on, American Rescue Plan Act Funding, 2022 Legislative Priorities, “How to tell your Story,” Open Door Laws, Mental Health and Addiction Strategies, Cyber Security, Road Funding, and more in their training sessions.

Indiana’s 52nd LieutenantGovernor, Suzanne Crouch was the Keynote speaker for the conference. She spoke on current issues related to local government, expanding broadband through Next Level Connections Broadband Grants, Improving Housing needs, revitalizing travel and tourism, supporting Hoosier farmers,and improving mental health and addiction programs to reduce jail overcrowding in many Indiana counties. Crouch has been a long-time partner of the IACC and is committed to improving the lives of all Hoosiers.

State Senator Rodric Bray, leader of the Indiana Senate as the President Pro Tempore and Representative Greg Steuerwald, Majority House Caucus Chair addressed attendees as well during their Legislative Update.

The Indiana Association of County Commissioners is a nonprofit organization established to provide the best education, leadership support, and advocacy services for our County Commissioners to strengthen their influence throughout Indiana.  The objectives of the Association are: to promote cooperation of the county unit with all other units of local government, (cities, towns, township, etc.) and with state and federal agencies; and to promote improvement and efficiency in the delivery of county government services.  The various functions of the IACC include serving as liaison among counties, state and federal agencies, lobbying the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of County Commissioners, as well as providing technical assistance and training to county commissioners and support staff.