Employers competing for talent can turn to a new online job-matching and career-planning tool to quickly fill openings exacerbated by a tight labor market.

The Hoosier Talent Network from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) is powered by artificial intelligence to better help employers find the best prospects in the right locations based on an individual’s unique potential, at no cost.

“The Hoosier Talent Network opens up new doors for employers and connects them with the jobseekers who are the best match for their current workforce needs,” said Chad Carter, DWD’s Hoosier Talent Network project leader. “This platform has the capability to be a gamechanger in getting the state’s employers back on track for future success.”

More than 16,000 jobseekers have created accounts on the page. DWD’s commitment to bringing employers and jobseekers together is clearly reflected in this new revolutionary resource available to all Hoosiers.

Companies ranging from small businesses to large corporations can use the available advanced technology to get matched with potential workers with all types of skills by visiting www.HoosierTalentNetwork.com.

Jobseekers also can visit the same site to discover the benefits available to them. Whether searching for job now or considering a different career in the future, the Hoosier Talent Network is sharply different from what may have been experienced in the past.

One of the most important features is the technology that looks at each person’s potential and capabilities. Instead of simply matching jobseekers to a similar job they’ve once held, the Hoosier Talent Network demonstrates to them how their talents can be deployed differently in a growing company or industry.

For both employer and jobseeker, the goal is to find that career-defining, long-term fit that benefits both parties.