The Town of LaPaz does not currently have a water utility and needs funds to create an annual budget.  If grant money is received and the Town proceeds forward with the project, a financial advisor will be needed to complete a rate study and help develop an annual operating budget.  Revenue for the annual operating budget would come from the ratepayers.  Budget items that would need to be covered included water distribution and treatment staff, chemicals, electricity, well cleaning and maintenance, pump maintenance, storage tank inspection and maintenance.

Wessler Engineering said the proposed project will consist of two groundwater wells, the packaged treatment unit, an elevated storage tank, and a distribution system.  The estimated cost for the proposed project is approximately $18,320,000.    

The proposed LaPaz Water utility System is dependent on the approval of funds and when the town is able to move forward with the project.  Project design will take place over the course of an 8-month period and construction would last approximately 18 months. 

The proposed service area on the north would include LaVille Jr. Sr. High School, LaVille Elementary School and the residential area directly to the west, southernly through the corporate limits of LaPaz and south including the Gatewood Trailer Park and Creekside Trailer Park.  The water utility would also travel east on U.S. 6 past the U.S. 31 interchange.