The Culver Town Council approved the request of Mary Ann Nusbaum, Co-chairman of an art event planned for September 2022 that would bring in artists from all over the region.  She expects 25 to 40 artists to participate. 

Nusbaum said they are interested in getting on the Culver Event Scheduled for 2022 to make it an official event.  They are looking at a three-day event on September 23rd, 24th and 25th with plein air painting, social gatherings, public art sales, a painting events at local locations. 

Jeffery Valgart the Co-chairman told the town board they are planning a county-wide event and partnerships are important in creating an event like this.   At this time, they have already partnered with Converse, IN, Fort Wayne Artist Guild, Culver Academies, the Culver Union Township Library, Lions Club and Culver Visitor’s Center. It was also commented that there will be over $5,000 in awards including purchase awards which helps attract an upper caliper of painters. 

Clerk Treasurer Karen Heim said they submitted an event permit and shared it with department heads who are reviewing it. 

Nusbaum said they are working to get approvals to paint at several different locations in the area. 

Police Chief Wayne Bean questioned a discussion about alcohol that was for primarily for artists only.  He reminded them that alcohol is not permitted on city owned property.   The art committee said they would work with the Police Chief and follow the rules in place and apply for a special permit if necessary. 

The Culver Town Council was supportive of the new art project for a weekend in September for 2022.  The committee will work with the town to make the event an official town event.