The Town of Argos will conduct a groundbreaking ceremony for the new Deerfield Meadows Subdivision on Monday, November 29th

The groundbreaking will take place on Kenilworth Road south of 17th Road on the east side. 

The housing project will have 32 single-family housing units on 21 acres.  This is a project the town has been working on for a few years.  The town purchased the property in 2013 with no idea at that time what they would do with it but the housing shortage in Marshall County ended up being the answer. 

The subdivision will be in a housing TIF District, which would make it the fourth TIF District in the Town of Argos. 

Argos Economic Development Director Mark Van Der Weele

was asked why families should move to Argos and his response was, “People should move to Argos because we are a growing community with increased quality of life amenities with, I would say, one of the best school systems in northern Indiana.  We are still a great little town where everyone knows your name.”