The City of Plymouth will conduct their regular meetings Monday evening, November 22nd beginning at 6 p.m. with the Board of Public Works and Safety. 

The board will hear from various department heads including Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson who will present a request for a security light at 900 Ledyard Street, the Water Treatment Plant.  Clerk Treasurer Jeannine Xaver will present payment requests and there are also requests to work in the city’s right-of-way for soil borings at PIDCO and Broadway and Surf Broadband to build out Phases 2,5, and 10.  The City Board of Public Works and Safety will also consider approving a prepayment of $55,600 for escrow for the new dental insurance. 

The Common Council meeting begins at 6:30.  Members will hear from Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson who will discuss a solar project for the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Oak Hill Avenue.  He told the Redevelopment commission last week it would provide all the electricity needed to operate the facility and would be located in the field directly to the east of the current facility.  He noted that it would be placed towards the north and wouldn’t be behind any of the homes on Freeman Drive. 

Council members will consider resolutions to transfer appropriations in the Fire Department and Motor Vehicle Highway funds and authorization to allow the Clerk-Treasurer to transfer cash from the General Fund to the Deferral and Diversions Fund.

Under Other Business the council will discuss a memo regarding sick leave forms and there is to be an update on Stellar Communities. 

The city meetings are open to the public although comments and questions are limited to agenda items only. 

Those wishing to attend the city meeting should enter through the Garro Street door and move to the second floor.