The Joint Resolution of the Marshall County Commissioners and County Council to extend the Special Local Income Tax (LIT) for jail operations and other criminal justice expenses was approved by the commissioners at their meeting on Monday.

The resolution asks the Indiana General Assembly to allow the county to keep the Special LIT in place once the bonds used to build the correctional facility are paid off, which could be later next year. 

The county has been collection .25% from workers income since 2006 when the jail was built.  Over they years funds collected from the Special CAGIT and LIT were also used to help fund daily operations at the jail.  Next year about $2 of the $3 million collected will be used to help fund operations at the jail. 

Both the Commissioners and Council members have determined there is a need to continue with the collection, using the funds to operate the jail.  The resolution approved Monday by the County Commissioners and last week by the County Council will head to Indianapolis as Senator Ryan Mishler will submit the county’s request for legislative consideration. 

The rate will be determined by the County Council but can’t be any higher than the current rate of .25%.