The Marshall County Drainage Board and Commissioners will meet Monday morning beginning at 8:30 in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building.

The Drainage Board meets at 8:30 and will open maintenance bids for the North Burkey (Berger) Ditch and the O Martin-Border Ditch. 

Under miscellaneous business is a discussion of the 2B Road Drain, Rightley Ditch agreement, Burel Ballinger Ditch findings and order, approval of the October meeting minutes, and any other business brought to the County Drainage Board. 

The County Commissioners are Scheduled to begin at 9:30 with opening bids for the Unsafe Building Board for the Demolition of 590 to 600 West Jefferson Street in Culver, the former Boatsma Furniture building.  Also on the agenda is an update from Jason Peters, Superintendent of the County Highway Department, County Plan Director Ty Adley with an ordinance amendment for shipping containers, and HR Director Ann Anglin with a request for United Way Contributions and the 2022 Insurance monthly costs. 

Kelsey Guardarrama, Director of Purdue Extension will present the 2022 service agreement with Purdue University for services and Laura Walls, Executive Director of Marshall County Economic Development Corporation will report to the County Commissioners along with the County Attorney, and County Auditor.

Under Commissioner Items are the 2022 Sick Bank recommendations, consideration for the joint resolution with the County Council to extend the Special Local Income Tax (LIT) and a resolution to establish the Regional Sewer District. 

Both meetings are open to the public and comments and questions are always welcome.