Tuesday evening the Plymouth Community School Board meet in a special meeting to ratify the Master Contract for 2021 – 2022.

In just 5 minutes the board was able to hear from Superintendent Mitchell Mawhorter who said, “This is the culmination of a really long process that was started well before I got here.”  He continued, “I just want to commend both sides really for the collaboration that had taken place.”  Mawhorter said, “I think we have a really good contract.  I think we addressed the major issue which was trying to get people on the right track again and I think that has happened and I am asking the board to ratify this contract.” 

School Board member Larry Pinkerton said, “As a former educator I am elated that we can do something for our teachers.  Times have been tough, and I know what you’ve been going through.” 

Laura Kruyer President of the PEA said, “It’s great to see representation from every level.  We’re excited.  I shared with you earlier, when this went in front of Plymouth Education members for a vote for ratification it was unanimous, but the other part was, the first time ever in a ratification meeting when there was spontaneous applause and cheers when they heard about the contract and the salary catch-up clauses in it.  I would encourage the board to vote yes.”

At that point the Plymouth Community School Board also voted unanimously to ratify the master contract for 2021-2022.