The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety considered the request of Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds to take action on the property at 2550 North Michigan Street, commonly known as the Red Rock Inn. 

Hammonds was seeking a 60-day order to rehabilitate two structures on the property, the single family house at the rear of the property and the motel building that runs north and south across the back of the complex. 

Property owners Nilesh Patel, owner from New Jersey attended the meeting in person and spoke to the board asking for more time.  He said the last couple of years have been tough because of COVID.  He said he tried to sell the property using local realtor Jim Masterson who said it could take 6 months to a year.

Hammonds said the order is to make the required improvements within 60 days although state statute does allow for an extension.  The city is asking to rehabilitate the buildings and make them livable.  He also said the order has been in place for two years with no action.  If nothing happens, the building inspector said he would recommend demolition.  The order in place has a December 16th deadline.

Mr. Patel said he is willing to sell the home separately and spoke Monday with a couple of people to see if there is interest.

When asked by Mayor Senter how much time he needed, Mr. Patel said at least 6 months. 

Mr. Hammonds told the board they went through this same issue a couple of years ago and were told the same thing, he was trying to sell the property and needed more time.  The building inspector said, “Three years ago we gave him some time and they didn’t sell, and they didn’t do any rehab.”

Mayor Senter asked the Building Inspector his recommendation and he said, “I would like to stick with the 60 days since we did go through this a couple years ago and nothing happened then.”

Councilman Don Ecker asked what happens after the 60-days and Hammonds said if there is no action the city could bid out the project to have the motel repaired and the home demolished. “It would be at the city’s expense and then a lien would be filed against the property.”

Councilman Jeff Houin motioned to stay with the 60-days but before any additional action is taken it must come before the board with an update. 

Mr. Patel was also informed that the city meetings are available online so he can attend from New Jersey.