Culver Town Clerk Announces Leaf Pick Up and Hydrant Flushing.

Culver Town Clerk-Treasurer Karen Heim has announced the annual leaf pick-up and upcoming fall hydrant flushing. 

Starting Monday, November 8, the leaf crew will begin picking up leaves in Culver. They will pick up leaves that are raked to the curb. Please do not rake leaves into the street that way they will stay out of the storm drains and be easier for the crews to pick up. Also, please keep sticks and other debris out of the leaf piles. The machine Culver uses is like a vacuum cleaner and sticks will clog the hose and delay leaf pickup. The crew follows a route from the north side of Culver to the south.  Heim said, “With 12 miles of streets, it will take some time to get through town so please be patient. They will continue to make rounds into the beginning of December.”

Starting Monday, November 15, the Town of Culver will be flushing fire hydrants, another reason not to rake leaves into the street as they will get matted down and make it very difficult to clean up. Heim said, “The process will continue throughout the week.”  

Please be advised that you may experience some discoloration of the water during this process. This is only temporary. If the water is rusty in color, turn on a cold water faucet to clear the line before doing any laundry or cleaning and leave it on until the water is clear, typically 5 to 10 minutes.