County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the County Commissioners Monday on several items happening in his department.

The new equipment he’s been working on is coming in but the dump trucks the Highway Department will be leasing won’t be available until June or July of 2022.  The new loader was delivered on October 28th and the old loader was gold on the GOV website for $16,755 which is much more than they were going to get for a trade-in. 

Peters said the V-Box Sander he had listed on the GOV site didn’t meet an acceptable price, so they didn’t sell it.  He also said it will fit in the new tandem truck so he will be keeping it until the new trucks come in and make sure it works.   

The Highway Superintendent updated the Commissioners on the 2021 Road Program.  Mill Pond Trail, Tomahawk Trail, a section of 20th Road east of Elm and 18B from Fir to the railroad have been completed with millings and sprayed.  Peters said there is still a small section on 18B to finish up and he is still planning to do the same project on Cook Lake Trail.

Updating the Community Corrections projects this year, Sycamore Road, South Michigan Road north of Argos, and North and East Shore at Lake of the Woods and 3A Road are all completed.  The Pretty Lake area was completed this week and the contractor will be moving to South Short, East Shore and Sage Road at Lake Max next.  Peters said that still leaves Muckshaw Road and 14th Road to be completed.  He said weather permitting the contractor believes they will still be able to complete it this fall. 

The County was seeking Requests for proposals to complete next year’s Bridge Inspections.  Only two RFP’s were submitted and INDOT requires three so they will have to be sent out again. Finally, the rural call for project is coming up this month and Peters has a couple of candidates from the Comprehensive Bridge Plan for the 80/20 grant match and he presented the commissioners with a draft of the 2022 Road Progra