The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority will accept applications from renters in all 92 counties for the Indiana Supreme Court’s Eviction Diversion Program, which is an additional tool to promote housing stability across the state. To qualify, the renter must have a pending eviction filed against them where they are named as the defendant and have not applied to or been assisted with any Emergency Rental Assistance program available in the state. If both parties elect to participate in this voluntary program, the pending eviction action will be stayed for up to 90 days while the parties pursue assistance or an alternate resolution.

Landlords and renters who choose to participate in the program can select from two options: to participate through IHCDA or their local emergency rental assistance program, if applicable. All available programs in Indiana are accessible through

Eligible applicants that select the Indiana Emergency Rental Assistance program (IERA) may receive up to 15 months of rental and utility assistance. This assistance can help cover past due and ongoing monthly rent and utility payments.

The IERA application portal has a landlord-tenant dashboard where landlords can see where an application is in real time. Landlords can start an application for their tenant by using the tenant’s email address.

The Indiana Eviction Task Force issued its interim report on Oct. 22, 2021. The report outlined the current status of rental assistance and evictions in the state. The eviction diversion program is intended to ensure housing stability for Hoosiers who have endured a hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Task force participants represent tenants, landlords and housing advocates, and they all continue working together toward a solution for Hoosiers facing eviction. IHCDA is proud to serve as member of the Task Force.