Senator Stacey Donator said in a recent news release, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, countless families were unable to see or care for their loved ones in long-term care facilities. This abrupt separation was hard on many Hoosier families and highlighted the need for new legislation to enable family support in times of crisis.”
Donato continued, “This past legislative session, I was proud to co-author legislation that requires these facilities to participate in programs that allow a designated person to be deemed an essential family caregiver (EFC). EFC programs allow a designated individual to visit the resident they care for, even when visitation is halted due to a declared emergency, public health emergency or similar crisis.”

In an effort to educate healthcare facilities, patients and caregivers, the Indiana Department of Health has released a toolkit explaining how the program works. This includes caregiver requirements, FAQs and the application itself. 

Senator Donato said, “In times of crisis, being able to stay close to the ones we love is vitally important, and I am pleased to see this program take effect. I encourage you and your family to review this program and be prepared for whatever may lie ahead.”  To view the essential family caregiver toolkit, click here.