City of Plymouth Utilities Superintendent Donnie Davison has reviewed the current standards for the design and details of water projects and for the construction of sanitary sewers, storm sewers and lift stations and proposed several amendments to the standards during Monday’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.   

Several of the updates include the fire hydrant spacing which has been every 600 feet.  The fire chiefs have requested to reduce the spacing to every 500 feet.  Davidson said the service line size for new construction has been updated to a standard 1-inch size. 

The superintendent also said the meter brand must be compatible to the city’s automate system.  A change was also proposed for the service material from the older cooper piping standard to a new poly-plastic type that is cheaper. 

Changes to sewer lines will have installers include a locating wire which will help the homeowners if there are issues.  The locating wire makes it easier for a plumber or the city to know where the service is since there is no metal in the plastic sewer lines.  Davidson said they have had issues with gas companies and fiber companies boring through private sewer lines.   The Utility Superintendent said he wants to standardize all the news lift station control panels. 

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson said most of the changes will benefit the property owners.     

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety unanimously approved the resolution to amend the Water Project Construction Standards and the Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer and Sanitary Life Station Construction Standards for the City of Plymouth.