With the rain from Sunday and Sunday night, the Marshall County Highway Department has provided a list of roads in the county that have high water hazards.  They include:

High Water on                                                                                    

  • Gumwood between 15B to State Road 10
  • At 7th & Ironwood
  • Ironwood & 6B
  • Chestnut at 9B, 8th, and 7th Roads
  • Cedar at 9B, 8th, and 7th Roads
  • Redwood & 15B
  • Beech at 9B & 10B
  • 3B & Beech
  • 9th & Fir
  • Fir & 8th
  • 19B from Elm to Fir
  • 4th Road east of Quince
  • Fir & 17B
  • Queen north of Teegarden
  • 1st Road east of Oak and
  • 1st west of Oak

Drivers are encouraged to travel with caution and it the road is posted as closed find an alternative route to use. 

Heavy Rain and strong winds from yesterday into early this morning has resulted in some downed trees and road flooding. 

IMPACT:  Jason reports that the following roads currently have trees down and are being worked on:

  • Ply-Laporte & 7th
  • Hickory between 6th & 7th
  • 4th between Quince & Pine
  • 14th between Olive & Peach

The Highway crew is currently evaluating roads for potential flooding now and they are out cleaning up trees and debris. Highway Superintendent Jason Peters reports that they currently have 2 high water signs on 4th road east of Quince. 

The Yellow River is currently at 8.09 ft and is forecast to crest at 13.5 ft by early Wednesday morning.  At 13.5 ft., the Yellow River will be in the Minor Flood Stage.  Some flooding occurs near the Jefferson Street Bridge in Plymouth.

The Tippecanoe River is currently at 8 ft. and is forecast to crest at 10.8 feet by Friday.  At  10.8 ft., the Tippecanoe River will be in the Action Stage. 

Ditches, creeks, retention ponds, and low lying areas are also seeing significant increases in water levels. 

In addition to what we received yesterday, we currently have measured .80 in. of additional rainfall since midnight according to the rain gauge located on top of the Marshall County Building.