The Indiana Supreme Court is ordering statewide actions for trial courts as recommended by the Indiana Eviction Task Force. The Court is implementing a statewide pre-eviction diversion program in an effort to help landlords and tenants access available federal funds. The Court’s order details the actions required (as of November 1) for trial courts in potential eviction matters.

The Supreme Court deeply appreciates the time and effort of the nine members on the Indiana Eviction Task Force in providing an interim report. The Task Force is chaired by Court of Appeals Judge Robert Altice, Jr., and has landlord and tenant interests represented through diverse membership. The report includes recommendations to implement a statewide pre-eviction diversion program and to provide more rapid and effective distribution of Emergency Rental Assistance Funds to landlords and tenants. The Task Force will provide a final report to the Court in January 2022.

Landlords and tenants in need of assistance are encouraged to visit to learn about available rental assistance programs to cover some or all back rent for eligible tenants, free settlement conferences to discuss specific situations with help from a neutral facilitator, and potential resources for legal assistance.

The Supreme Court aims to implement the pre-eviction diversion program to foster economic and housing stability for both tenants and landlords and create a better outcome for all, including local communities.